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Film Art Series - The Overnighters

Show time Wednesday, February 10 @ 7pm

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An astounding documentary about the ugly flip side of economic boom times and earnest Christian faith: in North Dakota, oil workers can find jobs but no housing, so a local pastor, Jay Reinke, offers them shelter in his church, causing ripples of anger and frustration in the community. Directed by Jesse Moss. 1 hour, 42 minutes.

Film Art Series - The Last Metro

Show time Wednesday, February 24 @ 7pm

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In Occupied Paris, an actress (Catherine Deneuve) married to a Jewish theater owner (Gérard Depardieu) tries to keep him hidden from the Nazi authorities. A backstage drama from François Truffaut, who directs with charm and formal virtuosity. 2 hours, 11 minutes. In French; subtitled.

Film Art Series - Venus in Fur

Show time Wednesday, March 9 @ 7pm

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Roman Polanski, in adapting David Ives’s off-Broadway play to Paris (and in French), casts Mathieu Amalric (looking strikingly like Polanski himself) as the playwright-director and Emmanuelle Seigner (his wife) as the actress applying for a role: the effect is dazzling, sizzling, and morbidly funny, a theatrical Rubik’s cube of shifting identities and likenesses.1 hour, 36 minutes. In French; subtitled.

Film Art Series - Being John Malkovich

Show time Wednesday, March 23 @ 7pm

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This script by Charlie Kaufman, imaginatively directed by Spike Jonze, is the perfect mix of self-conscious cleverness and absurdist leaps of narrative logic. John Cusack plays a puppeteer with an office job who discovers a portal into actor John Malkovich’s mind. With Cameron Diaz and Catherine Keener. 1 hour, 52 minutes.

Film Art Series - The State of Things

Show time Wednesday,April 6 @ 7pm

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This semi-autobiographical film is what director Wim Wenders created when his production of the film Hammett was forced into a year-long hiatus by its executive producer, Francis Ford Coppola. In The State of Things, the film-within-the-film being shot is not Hammett but a sci-fi flick on the coast of Portugal. Patrick Bauchau is the Wenders stand-in, legendary director Sam Fuller plays the cinematographer, and Allen Garfield does a wonderful riff on a paranoid, RV-driving Coppola-type mogul. A brilliant meditation on the web of deceit and hubris that is the cinema. 2 hours, 1 minute. Black and white.

Film Art Series - In a Lonely Place

Show time Wednesday, April 20 @ 7pm

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Humphrey Bogart delivers one of his subtlest and savviest performances as a Hollywood screenwriter with a violent streak who is suspected—quite reasonably—of committing murder, if only his neighbor (the inimitable Gloria Grahame), hadn’t supplied him with an alibi. A terrific noir, directed by Nicholas Ray. 1 hour, 34 minutes. Black and white.

Film Art Series - Nasty Baby

Show time Wednesday, May 4 @ 7pm

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Chilean director Sebastián Silva (The Maid; Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus) also stars as a gay Brooklyn artist in this sharp and surprisingly horrific yuppie satire about friends (Kristen Wiig and Tunde Adebimpe), sperm donors and gentrification. 1 hour, 40 minutes.

Film Art Series - 3 Women

Show time Wednesday, May 18 @ 7pm

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It took chutzpah for Robert Altman, post-Nashville, to make this moody, mysterious, and fascinating character study of three women—two of them workers at a California desert spa (Sissy Spacek and Shelley Duvall) and the other the pregnant owner (Janice Rule) of a bar they frequent—whose personalities clash and merge and swap, all reflected in a mural painted in an empty pool. 2 hours, 4 minutes.

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